How can I apply for a job at A Cascata?

Pode enviar a sua candidatura acedendo à Área de Trabalho disponivel no site. Pode ainda deslocar-se a um restaurante

A Cascata mais perto de si e preencher um questionário de candidatura. Ou enviar um e-mail para [email protected] com assunto "Candidatura a Emprego" anexando o seu CV.

What kind of contract are established with our employees?

Can I apply at any restaurant of the group A Cascata?

Which job positions can I apply at A Cascata?


Where can I find nutritional information and allergens of A Cascata products?


How can I obtain points from A Cascata, and what does it consists of?

What merchandise is available and how many points is each one?

How does the points system of A Cascata work?


Does A Cascata group works as a Franchise?

How can I become a franchiser of A Cascata?


Which are the best classified products of A Cascata restaurants?

I intend to have an event (lunch/dinner for a birthday, business, christening, communion, etc, party), what do I have to do?